Both the Japanese and Korean societies are facing problems arising from various social disparities. Our agricultural regions are wearing out and the local communities are collapsing in many ways. Therefore, it is imperative that we find alternative approaches that are closely attached to the localities where the problems lie.

Although the two countries are geographically close and have similar social systems, the relationship between Japan and Korea has always been “close but remote” at best , regardless of the fact that there have been many exchanges between the two in various fields over history. Thus, it is crucial for our societies to propose alternative ways of thinking in this age of uncertainties.

The Hope Institute Japan was inspired by the activities of the Hope Institute in Korea. Our Institute was established in order to propose alternatives to the Japanese civil society. Furthermore, we hope to reinforce sustainable exchange of the two countries by “making ties between region and region, between activities and activities” by researching and studying the examples of the actual community-building.

Various historical and cultural barriers lie between the two countries. It is therefore important to step forward and come together to build a brighter future by exchanging common experiences and wisdom as well as through mutual learning.

The goal of the Hope Institute of Japan is to bring together hope and understanding to the civil society, not only within Japan and Korea, but in East Asia as a whole, through sharing knowledge and experience by networking with various civil groups in the two countries.